Areas of expertise

Polyergo mainly operates within 5 strategic sectors of Greek/local market:

  • Designing and Building construction projects 

    We usually get involved during the entire construction project circle: Due Diligence Work, Feasibility Study, Environmental Study, Design (Architectural, Structural and E&M), construction, Site Management, Supply Chain Management, Contract Management. We have a extended portfolio of diversified construction projects which range from homes/villas and hotels to roads, museums, town halls,squares and schools.

    related services: renovations/restorations

  • Engineering Consultancy Services 

    PPP/PFI consulting services

    Over the past two decades more than 1400 PPP deals were signed in the European Union, which represent an estimated capital value of approximately €260 billion. Due to PPP/PFI market boosting in the EU countries and particularly in Greece.

    We offer a broad range of PPP/PFI consulting services such as:

    › Contracts, Concession Agreement, Technical Studies and Special Terms and Agreement documents edit

    › Evaluation suitability for the PPP procurement route

    › Advice on the balance of private sector / government participation

    › Advice on procurement procedures, concession periods and toll

    › Due Diligence Study

    › Feasibility Study

    › Progress Monitoring

    › Earn Value Analysis

    › Programme Planning

    Client can be the State or local Municipality/prefecture and Investors/Lenders or Banks

  • Real Estate and Tourism 

    Polyergo has carried out a range of real estate and tourism projects, assisting international and local developers and investors, construction companies, hotel operators and specialist service companies. The experience which Polyergo has accumulated allows it quickly to appraise potential projects, to identify the potential problems they may face, and to suggest solutions which will allow development to proceed.

    Polyergo services in this area include:

    › Planning and regulatory appraisal

    › Land use analysis/ opportunity cost

    › Market and feasibility studies and Market trends analysis

    › Project development

    › Development Operation/Management and Maintenance

    › Property Management [property sales, renting out, property (villa, home) maintenance]

    › Land sale/buy, renting or leasing

  • Design & Installation of photovoltaic systems/parks and heating/solar systems